(Nayeli means I Love You in the Zapotec language.)
Nayeli is a freelance art director, motion designer, and illustrator who migrates between Brooklyn and Lisbon.  
She grew up in Mexico City surrounded by colorful birds and luscious gardens. After finishing her degree in Graphic Design she pursued a Master's in Motion Media Design at SCAD. Later, she moved to Brooklyn, NY where she worked alongside many talented folks while honing her design and animation skills at a broad variety of companies. 
Now, she works remotely from her studio with the invaluable assistance of her dog, Pera.

​​​​​​​                                                                 ​​​​​​​

As a hands on, independent creative business owner I'm experienced with concept development, storyboarding, style frames, art direction, illustration, 2D animation.
Infographics | Explainer Videos | Live Visuals | Sizzle Reels | Network Packages for TV and Youtube channels | Main & End Titles for Film and Tv | Social Media Content | GIFS​​​​​​​
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